Official Travels

EN Department Official Travels Office

Preparing your Trip

Please submit your travel document (TRVL) 14 days prior to departure, at the latest 48 hours before travel and collected by EN Department Official Travels. 

A duly approved travel document - prior to departure -  is mandatory to obtain the reimbursement of travel expenses.

As with any change, a transition period will be necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact your GAO for assistance.

Rules and Guidelines in EN Department

  • Please remember that your absence must be recorded in EDH.

  • Registration fees: registration payment deadlines shall always be respected to avoid any extra costs.

  • External training must be first registered and approved within EDH before making any TRVL requests.

  • No further reimbursements of self-booked tickets will be made unless duly justified and approved.

  • Transport by CERN Cars and rental cars: Rules and Guidelines

  • Transport by Private Cars: Rules and Guidelines

  • Flight Tickets -> Economy class

  • Train tickets -> first class

  • Public transportation is highly recommended whenever possible

  • Travel assistance -> SOS International cards are available at your GAO's office.

Useful Links

Administrative circular N. 33  - duty travel

Admin e-guide procedure for duty travel