Data Privacy

The Processing of Personal Data at CERN

The internal legislation describing rights and obligations is the Operational Circular N°11 (OC11) entered into force on 1st January 2019, however full implementation of the circular was subject to an implementation calendar approved by the Director-General. The OC11 document can be found here in both English and French.

The Data Privacy Coordination Committee (DPCC) is in charge of the implementation coordination of the OC 11 at CERN.

Mandate of the Data Privacy Coordination Committee

Mandate of the Data Privacy Coordination Committee as defined by the Director General:

  • Each Department Head nominates a Departmental Data Privacy Protection Coordinator (DDPPC)

  • Departmental Data Privacy Protection Coordinator (DDPPC) within EN is Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud

  • The DDPPC will inform their department of the policy concerning personal data handling and monitor the implementation within the Department

  • The DDPPC will coordinate with other DDPPCs through the Organization’s Data Privacy Coordination Committee in order to obtain common implementation standards, practices and policies

The DPCC will define common approaches to the implementation of the rights and obligations as set out in OC11 in order to ensure that personal data are handled appropriately and harmoniously within the Organization. This will include, inter alia, the definition of common retention periods, the review of organizational processes, the consolidation of personal data handling and the common approaches for record keeping as well as the policies for data transfers. The Office of Data Privacy will advise the DPCC.

Training available at CERN:

Free of charge in-class training sessions for persons dealing intensively with personal data: Respecting Privacy in the processing of personal data at CERN.

E-learning awareness training

For detailed information, please visit the DPCC Website.


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