Departmental Roles

Roles Contact name Deputy contact
Assistant to the Department Head (ADH) Joanne Madden Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud
Departmental Administrative Officer (DAO) Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud Louisa Catherall
Departmental Planning Officer (DPO) Sigrid Knoops Rafael Menendez
Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) Julien Mickael Fernandez Siham Djoudi
Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Alexandre Porret Ans Pardons
Departmental Space Manager (DSM) Henry De Maynard Laurent Croses
Departmental Training Officer (DTO) Sonia Bartolome Jimenez Pierrette Colaci
Diversity & Inclusion Officers (DIO) Anna Suwalska, David Widegren  
Academic Training Committee Anne-Laure Perrot  
Departmental Inventory Manager (DIM) Laurent Croses  
Departmental Record Officer (DRO) Belinda Chan  
EN Coordinator for Knowledge Transfer Eva Sanchez-Corral Mena  
EN Computing Security  Stephan Petit  
Data Protection Officer Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud  
COVID Contact Person Julien Mickael Fernandez  
Human Resources Adviser (HRA)

Katharine Thomas-Chevreux

MERIT Coordinator  Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud  
EN Travel Manager

Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud

Joanne Madden
EN Coordinator for Fellows & Associates and Fellows Marie Curie Programs Marco Garlasche  
Research Fellows Marco Garlasche  
EN Coordinator for Administrative, Technical, Doctoral Students and Summer Students Renaud Barillere  
ORIGIN GRAD Marco Garlasche  
QUEST GRAD Marco Garlasche  
Organiser, ATS Seminars Alessandro Dallocchio