Information Management (IM) Group

Information Management

The group provides applications and support for engineering information management throughout the whole Organization and its different projects. This includes mechanical CAD tools (such as CATIA), Product Lifecycle Management systems (Smarteam / Aras), the Engineering Data Management Service (EDMS) as well as the Enterprise Asset Management platform (Infor EAM).

The group helps implementing and configuring these tools according to user needs while ensuring that coherent processes are applied and that the Digital Thread of engineering data is safeguarded.  An overall goal is to provide traceability of data for the complete lifecycles of our accelerator complex and technical installations, as well as its related change management capabilities. 

Whereas the engineering applications provided mainly are based on standard industry products, the group also develops tailored interfaces and tools for specific tasks and processes. This includes for example applications for radiation protection (TREC) as well as coordination and planning tools for engineering projects. 

Group Structure

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