Accelerator Coordination and Engineering (ACE) Group

Project coordination, risk and quality management

The group provides activity coordination for interventions and changes to the whole accelerator complex. This includes layout management, integration, scheduling, work and safety coordination. The group supports all projects for underground activities, projects with major impact on safety coordination, and further installations in the accelerators.

All technical stops, ranging from a few days to several months (year-end technical stops) or even a few years (long shutdowns), are coordinated by the group, which establishes the schedule of all installations and operations and supervises their timely execution.

The group has a broad expertise in matter of project, risks and quality management, as well as organizational process, which is provided to the whole CERN community.

Engineering software tools

The group is in charge of developing and supporting the software tools for Engineering Data Management, Maintenance Management and mechanical CAD systems.
The group provides access to all CERN staff and users to the Engineering Data Management Service (EDMS), CATIA and SmarTeam, and Infor Enterprise Asset Management (Infor EAM). In addition to providing support to the tools, it also adapts them to the needs of their CERN users and organises special training courses.

Group Secretariat

Anna Lambert 

Group Structure

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