Accelerator Coordination and Engineering (ACE) Group

The Accelerator Coordination & Engineering group (ACE) is in charge of the coordination of the activities for the interventions and changes to the LHC and its injectors. This includes: 

  • Configuration & layout management, including naming service, 
  • Integration studies and maintenance of the related 3D-CAD representations, 
  • Organization and scheduling of programmed stops,
  • Management of the mid- and long-term schedule,  
  • Worksites follow-up and management of the LHC sites, 
  • Management of electrical lock-out in LHC 
  • Operational safety coordination

The group is responsible for the ATS Quality service, giving support to the stakeholders of the A&T sector.  

The group also provides supports and/or advices to projects and stakeholder of the ATS in the key competencies of the group. 

Group Structure

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