Computing and Phone Support


ATS-internal Computing Support Service, also called "ATS desktop" (or formerly "BTE desktop" support), is the local computing support service provided by the BE/ICS group for the users in the BE, EN, TE and SY Departments, in addition to the "Service Desk" and to the general "IT computing support" provided to all CERN users.

The full service mandate description is available in EDMS (login required).


To submit requests of IT devices through ATS desktop support, you can either send an email to or use the forms available in CERN service catalogue under ATS-internal Computing Support Service.


The service offered by the ATS desktop team includes:

  • Management of the EN department’s computing equipment including the purchase of PCs, screens and computer devices;

  • Configuration and installation of new desktop PCs;

  • Purchase and installation of fixed phones and mobile phones;

  • Repairs and troubleshooting of computer hardware;

  • Inventory management of EN’s computing equipment (relocation, reassignment, withdrawal due to obsolescence);

  • Taking care of the proper application of the EN policy regarding computing device ownership, (e.g. each EN Department member is entitled to two connected devices).

Dedicated Service

The management of TREC stations (Traceability of potential Radioactive Equipment provided by Jerome Roselier). 

This includes:

  • The installation and configuration of the new TREC stations;

  • Repairs and troubleshooting on the TREC stations.

Services related to printers are addressed by the CERN-wide IT Printer Support

What do you want to do?

  • Report a problem to the ATS Desktop (link)

  • Request new mobile phone (link)

  • Purchase a new PC, accessories or screen (link)

  • Relocate a computing equipment (link)

  • Request the removal of an existing computer (link)

  • Request upgrade of an existing computer (link)

  • Make a request related to a printer (troubleshooting, installation, relocation, toner) → IT printer support (link)

  • Get support for a software issue → Service Desk (link