Handling Engineering (HE) Group

From enormous pieces of equipment with unconventional shapes, to extremely delicate detector parts – the careful handling and transportation of components is essential at CERN.
The group prepares, organizes and coordinates all transport and handling operations for the CERN accelerators and experiments. A fleet of more than 2000 industrial and road trucks, 350 overhead cranes and nearly 130 lifts at CERN are under the responsibility of the group.
Careful and thorough planning is the key.
The group is specialised in the design, integration and feasibility studies related to the transport and handling operations. Both standard industrial and custom-built transport and handling equipment is being procured, installed and commissioned by the HE group.
The group also covers all necessary maintenance, administrative and managerial actions during the life cycle of the industrial transport, handling and lifting equipment to ensure its perfect performance.
With the accelerator complex deep underground and with hundreds of buildings around CERN, both passenger and goods lifts are very important. The HE group manages all lifts at CERN, checking their technical performance and taking care of their maintenance.

Group Secretariat

Valentina Casadei

Efstathia Kopterou

Group Structure

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Handling studies Booster extraction line
Handling studies for LHC Collimators
Installation of magnet in LHC transfer line
Lift with height of 82m at PM18
Lifting of LHC magnet by means of 2 hoists
Lowering of a crane in the ATLAS cavern
Lowering of ATLAS magnet end-cap
Lowering of the last LHC dipole magnet
Magnet transport robot used to transport LHC dipoles
Positioning of cryo magnet using the remote controlled Transfer Equipment Set
Preparing ICARUS for road trip
Robotic handling of target in MEDICIS
Transport of ATLAS magnet end-cap
Transport of dipole magnet in LHC tunnel
Transport of RICH detector at night