Facilities Management


Facilities management is a support service, contributing to the effective and efficient delivery of the Engineering Department's strategic and operational goals while providing a safe and comfortable work environment on a day-to-day basis to all department's employees.

Domain of activities

The service provides operational support and advice on any of the activities listed below.

Office moves

If you need to organise an office move, please fill in an Office move form and forward it to en.dep.facilities@cern.ch

The service will take care of the full organisation, coordination and supervision of the office move (i.e. office fit-out proposals, purchase of packaging material, transport of furniture and boxes, furniture assembling/dismantling, move and reconnection of your PC and phone, update of the Phonebook, office cleaning).

Note that the organization of the removal shall be planned at least two weeks in advance since several services are involved.

Furniture procurement and assembling

If you are looking for new/used furniture for your office or conference room please write an email to en.dep.facilities@cern.ch, describing your request in detail (type of furniture, shape, size, used or new, etc.).

Renovation works

If you need to do some renovation works in your office, conference room or storage space, please write an email to en.dep.facilities@cern.ch, describing in detail your request and provide a budget code.

The EN Facility Management Office will provide you with a quote, which then needs the approval of the budget code holder.

Preventive maintenance and Repairs

If you experience any fault, damage or malfunction of your workplace infrastructure (i.e. windows and blinds, electrical plugs, Ethernet sockets, heaters, lighting, door handles and locks), please report it to en.dep.facilities@cern.ch.

Cleaning requests

Please write an email to en.dep.facilities@cern.ch, describing what kind of cleaning intervention you need (vacuum, clean off, wax, dust, windows cleaning), when you would like it to be done and which budget code should be charged for it.

Inventory management

The Departmental Inventory Manager manages a computerized inventory of all goods belonging to the EN department. An annual check is performed in order to keep the inventory up-to-date. If you want to inquire about the list of goods registered under your name and/or make any changes, please write an email to en.deo.facilities@cern.ch.

Management and approval of all keys and Lock requests


If you need a key, please fill an EDH Form providing the exact address of the premise(s) you need to access and some details concerning the reason for the request.

Please note that your supervisor will receive the request for signature and that some other approvals may be necessary according to the type of key and /or owner of the premise.

Please contact en.dep.facilities@cern.ch, should you need any further information/help.

Lock Cylinders

If you apply for door cylinders to be installed, changed or removed, you need to complete an EDH Form.

Please contact en.dep.facilities@cern.ch, should you need help to fill in this form or further information on lock reference you need to install.