Access & Alarms (AA) Group

The Access and Alarms group (AA) is in charge of the design, engineering, installation, maintenance, operation and renewal of the systems that ensures the Safety of the CERN Personnel, Users and Visitors, on all the CERN sites, Accelerators and Experiment Facilities. 

The safety functions covered are: 

  • Fire Detection, Emergency Evacuation and Gas/ODH Detection systems, Red Telephones, Hardwired Alarm network, Safety Alarm transmission system (CSAM);  
  • Access Safety Systems and Interlocks to protect people from the Accelerator Hazards linked to Radioactivity, X-rays, Lasers, Electricity and Cryogenics;  
  • Access control systems to all CERN sites, building, Accelerators and underground conventional or nuclear facilities;  
  • Video surveillance, video protection and intrusion protection systems;  
  • Access data management applications. 

Group Structure

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