CERN Engineering News

Winner of the “Mining the Future” competition announced

2022-10-11 — From brick-building to online flow analyses, ideas abound for sustainable reuse of excavated material from a tunnel for a potential future CERN facility thanks to the “Mining the Future” competition held as part of the FCC Innovation Study.

Guardians of the tunnel

2021-12-21 — Artificial intelligence technologies are being deployed to inspect and document cracks in CERN’s tunnels in order to assess the risks for the machines inside them

A 3D laser scanner is shaking up component inspection at CERN

2021-07-14 — A laser scanner acquired in 2020 by the EN department’s metrology laboratory produces high-resolution 3D modelling of a wide variety of components

Sparking breakthroughs in radiation protection for spacecraft, aviation and accelerators

2021-06-08 — The CERN-coordinated and EU-funded RADSAGA project is coming to an end after four years of rewarding research into radiation protection for electronics

Mining the Future

2021-04-30 — Join this international competition and submit your ideas for applications that could turn rock excavated during tunnelling for future CERN colliders into a resource

HL-LHC radiation protection robot passes first in-cavern test with flying colours

2021-02-23 — The CERN CRANEbot successfully handled a vacuum module in the CMS cavern without the need for human intervention in a decisive test for the HL-LHC project

Additive manufacturing opens up new prospects at CERN

2021-02-02 — Lightweight, robust, complex parts produced using additive manufacturing (3D printing) are proving their worth in the accelerators

The cabling of the LHC detectors moves up a gear thanks to the automation of testing

2020-11-03 — The development of the “HiPotCT” system initiated by the cabling team of EN-EA-AS has considerably increased the speed of cabling activities in the LHC detectors

A new coating technique for deflecting crab cavities

2020-08-04 — A team from the Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings group is studying a method of niobium coating by sputtering for use in future accelerators

Graphene’s potential to improve magnetic measurements for accelerators

2020-06-23 — Collaboration between CERN and UK firm Paragraf could pave the way for more precise measurements of local magnetic fields