CERN Engineering News

LS2 Report: Focus on the North area

2020-01-15 — Parts of the infrastructure in the vast North Area, which is supplied by the Super Proton Synchrotron, are being renovated

Five CERN apprentices in the class of 2019

2020-01-14 — In 2019, five CERN technical apprentices were awarded their "certificat fédéral de capacité" (CFC)

A new target to explore the unknown

2019-12-10 — The BDF facility is being designed for dark matter and hidden sector experiments

An energy-sustainable future for research infrastructures

2019-12-10 — The latest ESSRI workshop brought together experts from national and international organisations to discuss energy management at scientific institutes

Addressing energy challenges together

2019-12-10 — The Energy for Sustainable Science at Research Infrastructures workshops have led to the adoption of environmentally friendly solutions for energy management

Broadening tunnel vision for future accelerators

2019-10-23 — CERN’s civil engineers are tackling the tunnelling challenges of a post-LHC collider

LS2 Report: renovation of the electrical infrastructure

2019-10-15 — Major renovation work is under way across the entirety of CERN’s electrical network to modernise certain key facilities

Sensor used at CERN could help gravitational-wave hunters

2019-08-30 — A new seismic device developed by CERN and JINR is now being tested at the Advanced Virgo detector

High-Luminosity LHC: diggers at work 100 metres underground

2019-08-01 — Work for the High-Luminosity LHC is in progress right under our feet