Experimental Areas (EA) Group

The EA Group in the Engineering Department is responsible for the beamlines, infrastructure and management of CERN’s experimental areas and provides engineering support and services including associated contracts. EA is furthermore supporting the LHC experiments and managing the respective ATS interface, as well as participating in and partly hosting the management of a number of CERN-wide projects.

  • Providing infrastructure and management of CERN’s experimental areas, as well as related irradiation and beam test facilities, ensuring required support activities
  • Supporting design, installation, beam-readiness, commissioning, maintenance and upgrade of secondary beam lines, experimental areas and test facilities
  • Providing related engineering support and services including associated contracts
  • Ensuring the coordination between experiments, users, operators, equipment and service groups
  • Supporting the LHC experiments and facilitate the interface with the Accelerator and Technology Sector
  • Providing support to CERN-wide projects linked to secondary beamlines/experimental areas as well as the LHC machine/experiment interface including forward detectors
  • Providing support to radiation reporting for the LHC and its injector chain, including the development and operation of an optical fiber based distributed monitoring system
  • Coordination, scheduling and resource planning of the above activities
  • Maintaining the EN-EA infrastructures and facilities with a sufficient level of safety.

Group Secretariat

Valentina CasadeiEfstathia Kopterou

Group Structure

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East Hall
Installation of cables for forward detectors
NA62 panorama
Neutrino platform