Administration, Resources and Performance (ARP) Group

The ARP group is the backbone of the Engineering department, providing administrative, management and coordination support.

Department administration and planning

The group provides support to the Department head for the management and planning of the department’s personnel and financial resources and of the industrial support contracts.
It is in charge of coordinating the secretarial support to the members of the EN Department and the administrative procedures for both personnel and materials.

Coordination of CERN’s technical infrastructure and management of non-beam facility development projects

The group is involved, on behalf of the Department Head, in the Technical Infrastructure Operation Committee (TIOC) and plays an important role in CERN’s technical infrastructure coordination and performance management hosting the chairman of the TIOC and investigating methods based on machine learning to measure the performance of Industrial systems. The group performs fault analysis of interconnected systems of different nature (electrical, fluids etc…) using neural network-based artificial intelligence with the aim of identifying patterns of dependency between them, with the ultimate goal of  minimising the downtime of the machines due to technical interventions.

Project and quality management support

The group has an expertise in several domains of technical management. Training on project management, systems engineering, requirement engineering and quality management is provided CERN-wide under the auspices of CERN’s Human Resources Department.
Project leadership and support for multi-disciplinary non-beam facility-related projects are also provided by the group.

Group Secretariat