CERN Accelerating science

Management & Administration

The Engineering Department provides CERN with the Engineering Competences, Infrastructure Systems and Technical Coordination required for the design, installation, operation, maintenance and dismantling phases of the CERN accelerator complex and its experimental facilities.

Management and Administration

Department Head DH Roberto Losito
Deputy Department Head DDH Markus Brugger
Assistant to the Department Head Geraldine Jean
Departmental Administrative Officer DAO Pierre Bonnal
Departmental Planning Officer DPO Emmanuelle Delachenal
Departmental Safety Officer DSO Ramon Folch
Departmental Space Officer DSM Ingo Ruehl
Departmental Training Officer DTO Ofelia Ionela Capatina
Fellows and Associates Francesco Cerutti
Technical and Doctoral Students (incl. Summer Students) Stefano Sgobba
Organiser, ATS Seminars Thierry Stora
Knowledge & Technology Transfer Stefano Sgobba
Scientific Information Policy Board SIPB Thierry Stora
Academic Training Committee Alfredo Ferrari