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EN-GMS : Department Planning Office


The mandate of the DPO Office covers the following activities:

  • Material Budget planning: preparation of EN budget requests to DG-RPC, budget allocation inside the Department, preparation of probable expenditures, yearly book closing (including provisions), preparation of financial documents for the department, updating of APT

  • Personnel budget planning: preparation of the Medium Term Plan for the Department, participation in Recruitment Boards, preparation of LD to IC exercises, participation in Contract Review Boards, updating of APT, follow-up of post openings

  • Follow-up of EN department financial situation: monthly follow-up of the department and groups budget situation, special follow-up according to groups’ needs, follow-up of industrial contracts envelopes, consolidation budget follow-up, financial audits

  • Control of expenditures:  validation of orders > 10 kCHF, random check of contract invoices, random check on spendings on budget codes

  • Support to EN Project Leaders: budget code structure, budget allocation, liaison with DG-RPC and other DPOs, follow-up of Cost to Completion, EVM

  • Other services: EDH routing, transfers between budget codes, creation of budget codes, etc.


Role Responsible Tel
DPO Emmanuelle Delachenal 76531
Assistant Marjorie Le Bihan 63357

DPO Documents (restricted)