CERN Accelerating science


The group is responsible for all beamlines, the infrastructure and the management of CERN’s fixed target experimental areas, as well as for irradiation and beam test facilities (East Hall, North Area, the Antiproton Decelerator experimental area, AWAKE and HiRadMat). It furthermore supports the LHC experiments and facilitates the interface with the Accelerator and Technology Sector. It participates in and partly hosts the management of a number of CERN-wide projects (East Area Renovation, CERN LHC Hostlab Project, AWAKE, HL-LHC WP8, etc.).

The group designs, installs, commissions and maintains all secondary beam lines, experimental areas and test facilities, ensures their beam-readiness and takes care of related upgrades.

It provides engineering, technical and coordination support to CERN-wide projects, especially those linked to secondary beamlines and experimental areas, as well as to the interface between the LHC and the experiments, including forward detectors.

In this context and partly as a CERN-wide support, the group is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the gas networks, vacuum systems for secondary beam lines, manages the contract of multi-directional scaffoldings, delivers cabling installations, connector assemblies and rack mountings, provides related mechanical support, and manages corresponding on-site workshops.

Furthermore, the group ensures regular radiation monitoring studies for the LHC and its injector chain, as well as related research and development activities. It takes care of the operation and coordination of the HiRadMat facility, leads and coordinates the AWAKE project, being responsible for all CERN-related calculations and studies, as well as first possible realization studies.

Careful planning being the key, the group manages the coordination between all experiments, users, operators, equipment and service groups, schedules all activities, and ensures that safety aspect are duly taken into account.