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Safety Office


The Safety Office keeps the Department Head and Group Leaders informed of all aspects of Safety in the Department and ensure compliance with the regulations.

It assesses the needs for safety information and training to be given to the members of the Department and takes the necessary actions.

It ensures liaison with the HSE Unit and its services and, where relevant, with other Departments, on all Safety problems and activities; the Safety Office co-ordinates the work of the safety officers in the Department.

It follows up on the accident record of the Department, investigates in case of accidents and recommends suitable safety actions.

EN Safety Office Information


EN Department Inventory of Hazardous Items and Substances (restricted access)

LHC Area Classification

The current LHC area classification is available on line at:

Supervised Radiation Areas

Points 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8
TI2 (all)
TI8 (only the downstream part

Limited Stay Radiation Areas

UD62 and D68 (beam dump)
Point 3 and 7 (collimation areas)

Dose Rates

Around the most radioactive collimators and absorbers at Point 7 (i.e. TCP, TCAPA, first secondary collimator)
max 1.3mSv/h on contact
max 180uSv/h in 40cm distance
max 90uSv/h in 1m distance