EN Roles

Departmental Administrative Officer (DAO)

Rachelle Decreuse-Michaud

Departmental Planning Officer (DPO)

Pierre Bonnal

Departmental Safety Officer (DSO)

Ramon Folch

Departmental Space Manager (DSM)

Ingo Ruehl

Departmental Training Officer (DTO)

Bertrand Nicquevert

Academic Training Committee

Antonio Perillo Marcone

Organiser, ATS Seminars

Thierry Stora

Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Alessandro Bertarelli

EN coordinators for HR programs:

Fellows and Associates

Francesco Cerutti

Fellows Marie Curie

Jean-Christophe Gayde

Technician Tranining (TTE)

Marco Garlasche

Administrative, Technical and Doctoral Students

Edda Gschwendtner

Summer Students

Edda Gschwendtner

Trainees (VIAs, Spanish or Portuguese programmes)

Jean-Christophe Gayde

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